Upper Valley Medical Center Cardiac Rehab Building

Troy, Ohio

WENCO has worked for Premier Health for over 20 years, continuously.

WENCO has completed 1,000’s of projects within all Premier’s campuses, inside and outside. Many of the projects were specialty projects providing expertise in design-build, plan and specification and metal building construction.  Building expansions, office renovations and multiple concrete projects. Pharmacy renovations, Operating rooms, patient rooms, cafeteria, emergency room, negative air rooms and much more.  WENCO is known for getting in and getting it done!  Emergencies, weekends and whatever it takes, WENCO is there to make it happen. 

Working in interior space requires special skills that not all companies possess; especially when working in occupied buildings.  Security, safety, air quality, delivery logistics, and debris management must be considered.

7,659 SF ground up outpatient cardiopulmonary rehabilitation clinic with brick veneer and EIFS exterior walls.