Wenco Construction SAFETY Mission
WENCO Construction Company’s Safety Program

WENCO Construction has a full-time safety director whose job is to make sure our working environment, on the client’s jobsite and throughout our operations, is safe at all times. This gives each and every one of our customers and employees peace of mind that their construction project will not face any needless delays or issues.

WENCO’s safety program is recognized through ISNetworld (www.isnetworld.com), BROWZ (www.browz.com), and Vendormate (www.vendormate.com) prequalification processes, allowing WENCO to perform work for companies that go above and beyond basic safety rules. These organizations are global resources for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers. Our membership has provided a significant platform to showcase our construction capabilities and dedication to Health and Safety standards. It provides a reliable way for our customers to review our environmental health and safety programs against current regulations and protocols, ensuring a high level of compliance and continued customer service. Our industry-leading safety rates and extensive safety manual stand out from the other contractors.

WENCO has an approved State of Ohio Drug Free Workplace Program and credit rated with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

The "Team Builder" concept pioneered and practiced for years by WENCO is a key element to the company’s success. WENCO’s safety director performs regular unannounced site visits to ensure that safety remains at the forefront. This allows for additional training and direction for individual workers to ensure safety guidelines and regulations are followed.

WENCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the policy of WENCO to in no way discriminate against applicants or employees with regard to recruiting, hiring, advancement, compensation and other conditions of employment based upon age, race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, veteran status or non-job-related handicap or disability.

At WENCO, creating a healthy and safe work environment for all employees is a top priority when supplying superior construction services to our customers.


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