Metal Building Construction - Pre-Engineered or Conventional Metal Building
Metal Building Construction


Depending on your building needs and end use, there are advantages to either pre-engineered or conventional steel buildings. Both are strong, durable and low maintenance over other methods of construction. Metal buildings are environmentally friendly as they are constructed from recycled steel, 100% recyclable and produce a low carbon footprint. The design build component of a metal building allows you to plan for the future of your business. Your building can be engineered to expand when you are ready.

The advantages of metal buildings are the speed of construction and cost. In today’s market, metal buildings are used for commercial offices, banks, shopping centers, showrooms, and other retail and service structures. Contrary to belief, you do not have to sacrifice your ideas for an aesthetically pleasing appearance when building a metal building. Structures can provide impressive architectural options and you can use almost any type of material such as wood, glass, masonry and concrete.

A pre-engineered building (PEB) can be produced faster and are lighter buildings than other methods of construction. In most cases, all of your engineering, architectural design and relevant sketches, drawings and plans are included in the price of your metal building. All design and manufacturing of a PEB is completed at the manufacturer.

Depending on the design, a pre-engineered building can arrive at the jobsite in about 8 to 10 weeks.

PEB frames are overall lighter in weight, which can impact the cost of the steel, as well as the impact on the foundation and soils below. A heavier building requires a heavier foundation.

The standardization in construction procedures and simplified erection, and single-source supply for most major building components simplifies the erection process.

Conventional buildings are designed from scratch with design and detail required from various consultants. Conventional design methods can be less timely but more costly than PEB.

The design possibilities are endless, including mezzanine-level and multi-story facilities.

Conventional buildings are ordered piecemeal and delivery times can vary.

Conventional buildings are fabricated and erected on site.

No matter what type of structure you choose, WENCO is prepared to assist you in bringing your dreams to a reality.

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