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Commercial Construction Projects - HEALTHCARE

We’re a trusted and recognized leader by the medical community in southwestern Ohio for our expertise in healthcare construction. We understand how to work in an occupied space and are both empathetic and considerate to the needs of employees, patients and families.

We also know your mission and facility operations don’t stop because of an active construction project. We’re known for our ongoing attention to detail, customer service and tidy housekeeping practices.   

Isolating the construction site from patients, visitors, staff and physicians 

We meet with key stakeholders to ensure that patients, visitors, physicians and staff are protected from inadvertent entry to the construction site. 

Noise, Vibration, Dust and Debris Control

Our extensive building experience in and around occupied healthcare facilities equips us to meet and exceed expectations to control the noise, vibration, dust and debris produced on a project. 

Infection Control

We understand the threat of outside infection that construction brings and take every precaution to insure the wellbeing of all stakeholders. 

Our team is experienced in working around isolation and negative air chambers to minimize outside contaminates and protect facility occupants.

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