Healthcare & Medical

WENCO is recognized as a top performer in the community for the healthcare and medical building market. This industry, like other industries, involves interior and exterior work as well as ground up projects. No difference if the project is plan and specification, specialty construction or time and material, WENCO has extensive experience and a strong team with a niche for working in this market.


Healthcare construction is not a typical practice, it takes years to develop a mindset and understanding about what it takes to work in an occupied healthcare and medical environment, and the materials used to build in this industry.


Your mission and facility operations don’t stop because of an active construction project. WENCO is known for our ongoing attention to detail, customer service, and tidy housekeeping practices. This fine-tuned awareness to housekeeping practices is what it takes to keep a facility operating while performing construction at the same time.

Safety is the Biggest Factor

When working in the healthcare environment, there is a higher level of attention paid to the health and safety of the staff, patients, families, and the construction team. Because these are fully functioning facilities, there are patients with varying degrees of health and health problems. It’s a high-anxiety environment already, and then you add on the noise and disruption construction can cause and it can start to impact patients and staff alike. The important thing to note is that safety comes first. 

Infectious Control

We understand the threat of outside infection that construction brings and take every precaution to insure the well-being of everyone within the facility. Our team is experienced in work surrounding isolation and negative air chambers to minimize outside contaminates and protect facility occupants.

Noise, Vibration, Dust & Debris Control

Our extensive building experience in and around occupied healthcare facilities equips us to meet and exceed expectations to control the noise, vibration, dust, and debris produced on a project. 

Jobsite Containment

Jobsite containment is crucial when working in an occupied space where staff and patients are continually moving. We meet with the owner, facilities managers, contractors, architects, nurses and department heads to ensure that patients and their families are protected from inadvertent entry to the construction site. Safety, security, air quality, delivery logistics, and debris management must be considered. We are empathetic to the needs of the staff, patients, and their families. Our team is experienced in working around isolation and negative air chambers to minimize outside contaminates and protect facility occupants.

Not any contractor can do this, but WENCO can.

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