Specialty Construction

Specialty projects are considered any project that is not a ground up building, no matter the scope or dollar amount of the project. We assist our clients on all projects of size. Clients choose WENCO for our extensive experience working in all the markets that we serve, providing reliable and responsive solutions to their construction challenges. WENCO has completed thousands of specialty projects providing expertise in design-build, plan and specification and metal building construction involving building expansions, office renovations, tenant improvements, retail spaces and concrete work.

Specialty construction became a niche for WENCO when learning many contractors choose not to get involved in small projects or service work. Many contractors define specialty construction by a dollar amount, WENCO sees this as an opportunity to be a full-service contractor to our past, present, and future clients.

We understand how important it is to our clients to maintain their operations while improvements are ongoing. Working in interior space requires special skills that not all companies possess; especially when working in occupied buildings. Security, safety, air quality, delivery logistics, and debris management must be considered.

Healthcare providers choose WENCO for our extensive experience in specialty construction. WENCO has completed thousands of projects relating to renovations and expansions, floor refreshes, existing building maintenance and repairs.

WENCO offers emergency services for our ongoing clients.

Time and Material Projects

Time-and-material projects – when it is not possible during an emergency to estimate the cost or determine the duration of the work due to the immediate need for the project, emergency, inclement weather, or act of God.  An hourly rate of pay, along with a reasonable amount of mark-up for subcontractors and materials are determined to proceed.

WENCO’s vision is to be the preferred contractor of choice, therefore offering to our clients the ability to be multi-faceted.


When you call WENCO, you are not talking to a satellite office, or answering service, but to a true Southwestern Ohio Construction Company, locally owned and operated business.